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Lescoin - The First Crypto Currency Secured by Wood Stock

Lescoin is The First Crypto Currency Secured by Wood Stock

DAO Lescoin is the investment fund based on Ethereum blockchain that allows its participants to receive dividends from the timber enterprise in Russia. International wood-and-timber trade will provide the investors with stable profits as the demand from wholesale buyers — primarily, the furniture factories of China — is constantly growing.

Lescoin achieves high profitability by using the modern technologies of logging and reforestation. At our plantations, we use the transgenic (TG) seeds of coniferous trees supplied by the industry’s leader — Monsanto Biocorp (USA). The seeds have unique parameters of growth and adaptability to climate conditions. We gained a strong competitive advantage by introducing this biotechnology in Russia. To date, our company is the only enterprise in the market capable of growing TG-trees.

The investment fund DAO LSC will allow us to constantly increase the volume of tree planting and timber harvesting. Without harming the environment, we can gradually increase the trade turnover with China and other importers of rough-wood and lumber. High dividends for LSC holders will be provided by the advanced technology and our responsible attitude to the nature.

Key Points on Background

✔ The project is backed by 10-years-experience in the timber industry and international trade.
✔ Our company is the first in Russia to grow transgenic trees for industrial use.
✔ Supply channels to China are established and provided with the railway infrastructure.
✔ Our Chinese partners are ready to purchase wood and timber in a much greater volume than we can produce now, before conducting the ICO.
✔ Investors do not have to wait for TG-plantation to mature before getting the first returns. First dividends will be provided by timber harvesting in wild forests.
✔ Lescoin tokens are secured by the liquid commodity — coniferous (pine) wood.
✔ The preliminary agreement for land development in the Russian Far East is already signed.

How are we different from the competitors?

1. We have a 10-years-experience in the timber industry and international wood-and-timber trade. We can supply our goods from the Far East to China by railways without intermediaries.

2. We were the first to introduce the technology of transgenic tree planting in Russia. Our supplier is Monsanto Biocorp (USA), the creator of plant species. By our request, Monsanto bred tree seeds for the temperate climate zone of Russia. This gave us a strong competitive advantage in the market.

3. The genetic breeding took into account all the problems that hampered the qualitative growth of pine in the harsh Russian climate. The TG-seeds used for the reforestation project near Sosnovoborsk have a number of beneficial features:

  • Accelerated growth pace: up to 3 meters per year depending on environmental conditions. This allows for reducing the felling age and increasing logging turnover
  • Resistance to pesticides and diseases that lowers tree falling
  • Resistance to herbicides that increased yield
  • Salt-resistance that allows trees to grow on saline soils
  • Advantageous chemical compositions of wood fibers, especially the high content of lignin. This allows for reducing the processing costs, makes it cheaper to produce paper, cardboard, pellets and other wooden products
  • Resistance to the length of daylight. This increases the geography of areas suitable for tree planting
  • Ozone and stress resistance. High level of acclimatisation
  • High seed germination — over 80%
  • Immunity to all types of fungal diseases, parasites and pests
  • Steady growth in conditions of high humidity, low temperatures and drought as well as on shaded, dry and poor soils

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