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MindLink - New Era of Education [Blockchain in eLearning]


This time SastraTALK will introduce MindLink project. MindLink is good, valuable, and cool project of course. Mindlink project already reach Soft Cap so what you waiting for, go join and be part of brighter future and we mooning together.

What Is MindLink

MindLink is an educational online learning platform that is based on blockchain and enables its users access to various software tools such as video learning, private and public chat groups, online seminars, reading materials, etc. all in one place. Blockchain and smart contracts technology brings transparency and trust to the mix. The platform doesn’t have any restrictions on subjects that can be taught and allows for an easy start. Besides, it can be used whenever it’s comfortable through your laptop or smartphone.

MindLink is a global e-Learning system that allows every one of you to take part in a knowledge exchanging process. The main idea is to stick to being:
  • Accessible
  • Affordable
  • Actual
MindLink is a project aimed to reach international audience and to become a new standard of e-Learning. A team of specialists with a fresh view on technologies and new efficient ways of utilizing them in the field of sharing and receiving knowledge. It is a solution where anyone can become an essential part of the ecosystem created. It is designed for consumers and producers of content of any scale.

MindLink Main Features
  • Blockchain Implementation
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Designer Tool
  • No censorship(restrictions) on subjects approached
  • Live interaction with teacher/mentor; group/conference e-learning
  • Jump from registration to actual learning in minutes
Mindlink Partners

MindLink has many influential partners who will support this great project.

Token and ICO

The preferred payment option will be ML tokens, however, other payment options will be available as well. The use of ML tokens on the MindLink platform will be encouraged with various discount and bonuses. 

  • Pre-sale: Feb 16 — Feb 23, min investment 0,1 ETH, bonus 5%;
  • Main sale: Feb 23 — Mar 23, min investment 0,1 ETH, no bonus;
  • Soft cap: 2 000 ETH;
  • Hard cap: 10 000 ETH;
  • MindLink token price: 1 000 ML = 1 ETH;
  • Total MindLink token supply: 20 700 000 ML

MindLink Team + Advisor

By : SastraID [Bitcointalk ID : 928641]

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