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CBIT LOVE - When True Love Unites In a Blockchain | Cupid Bit

What Is Cupid Bit (CBIT)

Cupid-Bit (CBIT) is the digital interest expressed in love and the innovative application of blockchain technology based on love scenes. On the Cupid DApp, you can send CBIT to your sweetheart to get love on chain service, peer-to-peer love expression and CBIT scene application, achieving to break in the limitations of time and space, and love recorded in the ledger. The blockchain in its non-tempered property is a symbol of love and loyalty. This spiritual contract has become a unique love experience in the digital age. Cupid will enable love more beautiful and rich, and empower the love economy flow more convenient, let participants harvest the dual wealth of spiritual and material in the process of expressing love built on Ethereum Blockchain (ERC-20)

Why Cupid Bit (CBIT)

Cupid project is different from other projects in two aspects

First: the concept of Cupid is love, and love is the greatest consensus on our planet, and the foundation of block chain technology is consensus

Second: Cupid project is the easiest practical project, with traditional businesses, tourist attractions, cultural creativity.

In fact, Cupid project is not the kind of project that depends entirely on the secondary market. We are currently building Cupid's ecology, cooperating with governments and cultural and creative businesses in China, such as amusement parks, cinemas, shopping malls and tourist attractions, to create love. Love industry, as Cupid cooperates with traditional industries, in turn, promotes the rise of Cupid's price. So Cupid is not the kind of digital currency that rises and falls sharply. It will grow slowly, but with the progress of time and the improvement of projects, its price will become higher and higher. 

To find out more info about the latest progress from Cupit Bit regarding
  • Product Technology Trends
  • Ecological Operation Trends
  • Activity Related Developments
Please visit the medium HERE and find other interesting info from the Cupid Bit Medium account.

CBIT Token Information

Total supply : 10,000,000,000
Token Name : CBIT
Contract address : 0x45c41987bdb0cd91c00dcdca23af34b52fbafcf3
Decimals : 10
Blockchain : Ethereum
Already traded at

CBIT Community

CBIT has a large telegram community with loyal members who always support CBIT and of course with a friendly admins who is ready to help you get to know more bout CBIT

  • Global Group: HERE
  • Indonesian Group: HERE
  • Philipines Group: HERE
  • Turkey Group: HERE
  • Russia Group: HERE

There are many events that are often held such as photo events with couples, selfies, videos and make articles. Make sure you join asap and look forward to other events from CBIT which will certainly be more exciting, interesting and of course with bigger prizes.

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