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Hawk Network - Distributed Intelligent IoT Technology Infrastructure

The Following is an Explanation of the Hawk Network

Hawk Network is the world's most excellent distributed clever Internet of Things, combining facet computing and blockchain technology to supply enterprises with a brand new generation of IoT technology infrastructure with decrease entry charges and extra green availability. Hawk Network depends on clever hardware, makes use of huge information technology because the beginning point balances production and ecological components with blockchain distributed books, and lastly realizes the purpose of international Internet of Things. By remodelling the brand new financial model, the Hawk Network combines virtual ID and distinct encryption technologies to permit sensible terminals, IoT businesses, and customers to transfer unimpeded within the Hawk Network network, guaranteeing asset and information security. We trust that an era of familiar intelligence belief has arrived.

The Hawk Network undertaking was incubated by means of way of Canada's UB.GROUP and Klaytn, a blockchain platform owned by means of way of Kakao Korea. UB.GROUP is a large-scale Internet of Things, and a sensible journey multinational brand with 30 million users, and operates in dozens of towns around the world. UB.GROUP has solid R&D abilities in clever hardware, Internet of Things, and blockchain. Kakao is a Korean social vast with 50 million users. Kalytn is Kakao's blockchain platform, which contains the world's greatest blockchain technology and trade team. UB.GROUP and Kakao are very positive in regards to the pattern of the subsequent generation of Internet of Things, highly the mixture of part computing technology, 5G technology and blockchain technology. They trust that the subsequent generation will deliver the international Internet of Things to brand new other levels.

The following are some features of the Hawk Network

1. Edge Computing
Edge computing is a clever computing fashion wherein side of the computing energy is shared with the aid of way of terminal devices.
2. Big Data
After the information is calculated with the aid of way of the numerous nodes devices, the information is uploaded to the distributed database to type enormous data.
3. Blockchain
The terminal sensible software completes the sting calculation, the information is uplinked, and the blockchain turns into the repeater and connector of the data.
4. Smart contract
The multi-level embedded sensible contract that helps programmable contract trend and adds standardized contract templates and interfaces.
5. Intelligent Terminal
Interested node decentralized investment information series terminal to keep away from supply information access from being tampered with.
6. Trusted network
Blockchain community after edge computing with the aid of way of distributed clever terminal.

Sharing Journey Trade Analysis

As of January 2018, the complete valuation of the five biggest shared journey carrier platforms for Didi, Uber, Lyft, Grab and Go-jek reached $129 billion. According to Bloomberg News, in 2017, the international cell journey manufacturer financing scale reached 28 billion US dollars. In China, the quantity of financing within the shared car sector reached 76.259 billion yuan, whereas the price of the Moby, ofo and Harrow bicycles within the shared bicycle sector have been US$2.7 billion, US$2.8 billion and US$2.316 billion, respectively.

Decentralized Shared Scooter (BHK dApp)

BHK (Black Hawk Knight) is the primary program at the Hawk Network, which goals to create a distributed shrewd journey platform that makes use of the underlying technology of the Hawk Network blockchain to attach shrewd hardware, journey carrier providers, and riders. Together, and by way of a decentralized considering and network ecological gameplay, to determine an absolutely peer-to-peer collaboration network, BHK will type a multi winning decentralized shared scooter journey platform within the future.

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